Friday, November 28, 2008

Handover pending....

A visit to the house last night showed:

Plaster still not repaired where a light fitting has been moved. Since we can't get in, we don't know, but can guess, that other plaster repairs haven't been done either.
Floor has been cleaned, but very poorly. No evidence of site clean being done, so concrete, rubble etc is still there.
Plumber has not been to sort out the storm water (we were assured he'd be there yesterday). Attempts to repair bent powder coated infill above sliding door have made it worse.
Painter has not been seen yet.
No deadlocks fitted, and we assume that the other fixing items haven't been done either.

Our inspection is at 1:30pm tomorrow. At least our concreter is on the ball - the driveway is all dug out and formed up, ready to pour. And the idiot fencing contractors have concreted in the posts on our side boundary and attached the top rails, so at least that's some progress. We DID have to request that they not pour concrete into the hole where they've trashed the stormwater...a stormwater drain full of cement? Yeah, that'd work well....

Continuing the dramas, I got on my high horse with the bank yesterday afternoon and caused a stir. All I've asked for is confirmation that a bank cheque will be available at our local branch for collection this morning. I asked for this on Tuesday last week. And again on Monday this week. And again on Wednesday. And then again at lunchtime yesterday.

At 3:00pm I lost patience and faxed a complaint, pointing out exactly how bad their service is, and letting them know that if I did not hear for them within the hour, I would be escalating my complaint to the Banking Ombudsman. 59 minutes later, I got a call, masses of apologies, and the whole thing was sorted out pretty quickly. I now have confirmation in writing that our cheque will be waiting for us tomorrow morning at the branch I specified.

Honestly, that wasn't so hard, was it? So why did it take 10 days, 3 faxes, 4 phone calls and a threat to make it happen? I worked for this particular bank for 20 years, so I'm particularly disgusted when their service isn't up to scratch. I told them that a 12-year-old with a piggy bank full of 5 cent coins gets better service in the branches than their "valued" home loan customers. True...

After a few dramas with this current loan, a previous loan and an insurance claim, I'll be taking my business and walking in the new year. Loyalty? Bah! It'd be nice if they demonstrated some!

I wish I could say that had made me feel better, but nope.... rocking up to the house this afternoon and finding everything completed? THAT will make me feel better!

*deep breaths...*

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