Friday, November 28, 2008

And to top it all off:

Most of the keys we were given don't fit! WTF??

*sigh* I'm betting that the deadlock keys are in the site supervisor's pocket, since those were just being fitted as we left this afternoon. But the deadlocks were supposed to be keyed alike to the entry sets. They're not.

Then we have the key to one set of bifolds, but not the other - again, why aren't those keyed alike? And no key at all to the sliding door.

Whatever, at least we can get in. Well, Bike Boy can. I'll be working all day tomorrow and well into the evening, so no time to do anything useful over there anyway. Oh well, Sunday....


Cherub said...

It will all be worth it.

Petal said...

I hope the realisation that yo own your beatiful new home sets in soon....and that the key issue will be resolved ASAP!!!!


Now for the hard work.....not looking forward to that bit, myself - packing, packing, and MORE packing!!!!! Enjoy ;-)

House-To-Be said...

Look on the bright have keys!!! Yay!

Love how you call your husband "Bike Boy", I have a chuckle everytime I read it hehe