Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feeling hopeful

This morning I've been at the house, had a quick chat to the site supervisor, and have actually seen some tradies working around the place. SS was also on the phone, organising lots of little details (like a replacement plug for one ensuite sink, since the original has gone missing).

On top of that, I've just had a call from the construction manager, who informs me that the brickie is working right now on patching up mortar and fixing a dodgy column in the garage, the plasterers are due shortly to fix a couple of things, and tomorrow the following are all organised:

- Roof service
- Painting
- Laminate cleaning/polishing
- Installation of some powder coated window infills that we weren't happy with

The fascia guys were there earlier too, but the material they had didn't match our colour, so they have to order new pieces and come back.

He's very confident that handover will go ahead on Friday. Me? I'm feeling quite a bit better.

Now I'm going to chase the admin girl re our Certificate of Occupancy, which I still haven't received.... and then I may have to do battle with the bank, who still have not replied to my fax from last Tuesday requesting that a bank cheque be available for us to collect on Friday morning. I've made one follow-up phone call, and will be really peeved if I have to ring again.

And let's hope my skills with the spray paint, plus the note/diagram I've taped to the rear door of the house, gets the message through the thick skulls of the fencing contractors....

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