Sunday, November 30, 2008

The BIG to-do list

We've made quite a bit of progress over the weekend. Well, when I say "we", I mean Bike Boy.... So we've now ticked off the following items from our very long list:

- Floorboards picked up and delivered to the house. Bike Boy did get bogged in the process, when he executed my brilliant idea of cutting across the vacant block behind out house with the car and fully loaded trailer, and carting the packs straight into the rumpus room. When I suggested that, it had NOT been bucketing rain for approximately 20 hours. He was most happy. Yeah, right.
-TV antenna installed. No, my husband did not climb around on the roof in the rain, we employed an expert. He's not entirely crazy.
- Letterbox purchased and waiting in the garage.
- Grout sealed in floor and shower tiles. I am NOT having my lovely off-white grout turn grey within a few months. Not this time.
- Floor scraped, sanded and vacuumed so it's ready for the boards to be laid tomorrow.
- Gate collected and left for the fencing dudes to hang when they do the fence panels tomorrow. Let's hope they manage not to stuff that up.
- Formwork is all done for the driveway and concrete pour is scheduled for tomorrow.

Now we just have to follow up the blind manufacturers to get them to come and measure up, contact the landscapers to start on our front yard, build some decking on the front porch and in the al fresco room, move all our crap....oh yeah, and chase the builders to finish what they started.


House-To-Be said...

Wow!!! You guys were busy!!!

Well done on all the things you managed to tick off :-)

Going to PM you over some of the stuff :-)

sacha said...


Please give us pictures!!!