Sunday, November 23, 2008

On a happier note...

The facade is looking really good, now that all the render is complete and they've listened to me and repainted that goddam portico beam in the right colour! Took this today:

Exterior colours are:

Bricks - Austral Harvest Malt
Render - Rockcote Pinjara
Spouting, fascia, garage door, front door, portico beam - Colourbond Ironstone
Weatherboards - Colourbond Paperbark (yes, they are made of fibre cement, but that's the paint colour we liked)
Roof tiles - CSR Monier. Profile Horizon, colour Barramundi

And I'm rather keen on the Gleditzia that's been planted on our nature strip. Now for driveway, front path, some decking on the porch and landscaping. Oh...maybe we'd better actually get through handover first.


Sacha said...

Hi, the facade is looking great! Just like a display house!!

Petal said...

Phew!!!!!!! Having read right thru your story (yep, you're right - a horror story) I think I don't have all that much to complain about!

It's all looking fabulous now (evne tho I AM aproud fan of white and 'earthy' - not beige!) and I hope they can pull it all together for you really quickly! ;-)

Kek said...

Thanks Petal.... but this isn't the half of it. There's been a lot more frustration and angst to get us to this point.

Things have improved, a new site supervisor and the ear of a new construction manager who rings us every week has made a huge difference. Of course, all of that only happened after the sh*t hit the fan back in September.

I'm waiting very nerviously to see if handover actually happens on Friday...