Thursday, November 20, 2008

PCI done!

PCI (practical completion inspection) took place this afternoon. went surprisingly well! There are still lots of outstanding things to fix, but the bulk of those are paint and plaster touch-ups. We still had three or four important things on the list that aren't done yet, but we've been assured that they'll be fixed.

The fix carpenter is due back any day to install deadlocks, fix a wonky shelf, adjust doors and do a few other odds and ends, and of course our appliances won't be installed till after handover. But now that all the crap has been removed and a (fairly cursory) clean done, the place is looking good. Apart from all the red dots anyway....

I'm feeling fairly confident that we WILL achieve handover next week. Hallelujah!

Nice to see our shower head finally installed. Although they did manage to damage the plaster in the process:

I love this colour soooooo much!! Can't wait to see it with the floorboards in:

Below are some pics of the place we've been renting for the past year and several months. Does anybody wonder why I DIDN'T choose neutrals for our own house? The lounge:

Kitchen. Beige, white and more beige.*yawn* STUPID layout too. And only one power point. Who builds a kitchen with one power point??

Kids' bathroom (boooooring!):

I'm looking forward to living with some COLOUR. :o)


would be home said...

Thats great Kek, so good news has started flowing for you at last. cool and even your rental house seems to be pretty decent. May be its just me as i am a big fan of neutral and earthy colours, however, i have to admit that your feature wall looks gorgeous. Hope you get handover on time now with all mistakes rectified :-)

DeGaul said...

Hi Kek. First time visitor to your blog. Have noted your comments on some of the PD blogs I read ie Petal

Nice house you have, and your internal colours are very good. Bathrooms look fantastic.

Good luck with your handover.
Oh.....not a bad snap of self....

Kek said...

Thanks guys....yes, the rental is pretty decent, no major complaints at all. I guess it's just that if we were buying it to live in long-term, quite a few things would need to change. As a short(ish) term solution though, it's pretty good.

As for the neutrals: if I was buying an investment property, I admit, I'd go down the same road. Prospective tenants need to be able to imagine their own stuff in the house, and strong colours wouldn't suit everyone. We applied that same principle when we renovated our ensuite prior to selling our old house.

DeGaul - thanks for the compliment. The photographer is pretty talented! :o)