Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting closer

We've got through a lot in the past few days. The site supervisor sent a cleaner on Sunday, to deal with the mess the tradies left on Thursday/Friday. He also organised for a locksmith to come yesterday, and we now have all entry sets and deadlocks keyed alike. One key - much better!

Yesterday was a busy day, with our driveway poured and the flooring guys getting the boards down in the family/dining rooms. The house is starting to look a lot more like we imagined it.

Today the floor progressed down to the front door, our gas meter turned up and we had a guy come over and replace the mesh in a flyscreen that had paint stuck in it. By the end of the week, the floating floor should be finished, the fences ought to be up - at least along the side boundary, with the post holes dug in the correct positions along the rear boundary, and we'll have a few small jobs done ourselves (stuff like sealing the pebble feature tiles in the showers, painting the letterbox...).

We're right on schedule so far....

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House-To-Be said...

Yep, one key soooo much better :-)

Sounds like everything is coming together and great to hear that's it's looking how you imagined it to.

What type of floating floor did you put down?

Hope the cleaners did a good job :-)