Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And speaking of fabulous storage ideas...

When you have high ceilings and you're only 160cm tall, reaching the upper shelves in your overhead cupboards, or anything in the corner where you need to lean over the bench, is a bugger.

All our most frequently used items are under the bench, or on the lowest shelves in the overheads, and I keep a step in the pantry so I can reach higher things when I have to. But getting the wine glasses out of the cupboards altogether was a stroke of genius.

Two racks side by side hold six red, six white and six champagne....perfect!


House-To-Be said...

Great idea with the glass racks. I take it the glasses are used frequently? hehehe

Kek said...

Mmm, a lot less frequent over the next few months if I'm to get this extra bit of lard off and hit my training goals.

Note to self: wine is not the ideal carb portion for an athlete.

Tonight I may have one or two though. :p

kexkez said...

HI Kek
What a great idea. Looks like you are well and truely settled in.
(excluding the last boxes you mentioned) House is looking fabulous. Best wishes for the new year in your new wonderful house.

simply me said...

Nicey! Makes me wanna have a drink now! =)