Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feeling settled

We're just about unpacked - there are only about half a dozen boxes in the lounge (which is unfurnished apart from one couch and the Christmas tree), and a big pile of crap in the garage now.

It was interesting unpacking some of the boxes that we sealed up in April 2007, before we put our old house on the market. Those have been stacked in the garage at the rental this whole time, and apart from a few "Where on earth is such-and-such? ....Oh yeah, it's in a box..." moments, we managed well without all that stuff. So when they were finally opened, I found a mixture of treasures (I have JUST the spot for that!), junk (Why on EARTH did I keep THAT?) and things that made me go Hmm...I've lived without it for a year and a half, do I really need it?

Consequently, this morning, one of my favourite charities, Diabetes Australia, is coming to collect a nice big donation of clothing, kitchenware, small furniture items, a couple of surplus bikes and various bits and pieces.

I can't believe we still have so much unwanted stuff. After all, when we sold the old place, we had a garage sale, filled a huge skip, made several trips to the tip and gave a truckload of stuff to charity as well.

I'm sure that stuff breeds or clones or something.


We have a slab for a small storage shed now, which will be going up on Boxing Day. We still need to get those light fittings, and a couch for the retreat - which I am LOVING, even unfurnished. :o)

I also have to do something serious about equipment for my studio and a decent desk for my office area. And then there's landscaping - the front will be mostly taken care of, but we have some serious work to do in the back yard. It's raining once again, so the yard is a quagmire.

*sigh* I have this strange sense of deja-vu. I bought pink gumboots 22 years ago when we moved into our first home. Wonder if I still have those?

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House-To-Be said...

Glad to read you are feeling settled and nearly unpacked.

Enjoy your first Christmas there tomorrow, hope you all have a great day and a fantastic 2009 in your new home :-)