Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shopping is meant to be FUN

This morning we went in search of light fittings. We know what we want, and thought it would be easy. Ha!

First stop was Bunnings. They stock the pendants we want to go over the kitchen bench and the dining table. At least, they allegedly stock them. I've been haunting every Bunnings store within a 15km radius for the past 2 months and nobody has the lights we want, in the colour we want. There's a space on the shelf and one hanging in their display, but no stock.

So we thought we'd ask them to order them in for us. Noooo. They only take orders for "special" items, not stuff they keep in stock. So if they don't ever actually HAVE any stock, how are we supposed to buy the things? Bike Boy got a bit snippy with the girl at the special orders desk and she just looked bemused. Or maybe she was bored, not sure. Obviously, they don't want our money...

For the kitchen bench - there'll be three of these:

Dining table, centred between two downlights. NOT in hideous red though.....a nice white shade:

Next stop was a major lighting store. The assistant there was helpful and knew her stuff, but the one item we decided we wanted today - a largish pendant for the retreat - was out of stock. And no other store had any either. And there were none in the warehouse. They'll have some more some time in January.... *sigh*

All we wanted was one of these:

And on it went.... Shopping with jaw clenched and forehead fixed in a frown is not my idea of a good time. So now we have a change of plans. I'm going to buy the kitchen and dining room pendants online, and just pay the shipping charge. And the retreat light will have to wait till January.

We DID get some cheap oyster lights for the kids' rooms. At least that's something.

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