Friday, December 5, 2008

Are we there yet?

Got my Redi Shade temporary blinds in the mail yesterday, so guess what I'm doing this afternoon?

The floating floor will be completely finished this morning, and I plan to go take some photos later today. Promise to post them here.

We have a few trades booked in to finish stuff off - replacement of some fascia today, a small repair to the bathroom vanity cabinet next week, a service for the bifolds the week after, and the painter is coming Monday or Tuesday to do a few touch-ups. And I've just emailed our construction manager a short list of minor stuff that the fixing carpenter didn't do prior to handover, to make sure it doesn't get overlooked.

Apart from that, appliances and carpet go in next week, and then WE go in. :o) Must do something about that landscaping request form. Where did I put that.....?

Now I'm just getting impatient. We're soooo close!

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