Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shiny, shiny, shiny!

Bike Boy is extremely excited about the new stove. I'm extremely excited about what he's going to cook me on the new stove. :o)

Must order those damn light fittings....

The dishwasher is in there somewhere. No close-ups though - I need to clean all the fingerprints off it. Ick.

Appliance cupboard. We had one of these in our old kitchen and I miss it a lot. It'll be nice to shut the doors on the toaster. And all the toast crumbs that my kids are incapable of cleaning up. Now you see it:

Now you don't:

See? I said I had just the thing for that feature niche. Turquoise wine glasses. Don't tell anyone they cost me $2 at the Reject Shop....

It's all coming together. Our fixing items have all been taken care of, the appliances are in, the Bath Magic guy is coming back to clean the pantry shelves, the lights that weren't working have been fixed, the painter is now coming on Saturday (Gah! We're moving IN on Saturday....), the bifold door service is booked, and the cracked tile in the bathroom has been noted by our SS, who will get someone to fix it. Lucky I kept the leftover tiles. Heating and cooling work a treat - let's hope we don't need the heating for several months. It is Melbourne though, so you never know...

Even the fences are mostly up, and the fence guy is going to hang our side gate for us for a token cash amount.

The only new problem is that one of the burners on our stove doesn't work. Whatever - someone will contact us about that.

Carpets are being laid tomorrow, I'll be confirming the order for our blinds and we need to do something about a shed. I also have my eye on a hall table and a couple of perfect glass shelves for the showers that might be a wee bit exxy. OK, so Bike Boy almost had a coronary when I showed him the brochure and the $200+ price tag on those. He's stingy, what can I say? ;o)


House-To-Be said...

Hi Kek,

Love that oven! Finishes off the kitchen nicely :-)

Okay, so what's wrong with the pantry shelving that needs fixing? Our melamine shelves in ours are shocking!

Everytime I read "Bikeboy" I have a chuckle.

Good luck for Saturday, have fun!

Kek said...

Toni, the pantry shelves are just YUCKY. They were not only dusty and dirty and a bit paint-spattered, but stained with some yellowy crap. Eeuww!

I was going to do it myself, but I'm having a "why should I?" kind of week.


The oven is making both of us VERY excited. It's wide. Not like the rental oven, that can't even fit my fairly standard baking tray. Sheesh.

House-To-Be said...

We are getting the same oven as you. All Steve wanted was the wide freestanding stove, a seperate toilet in the ensuite and one more thing which I can't think of right now!

Our shelves are awful, lots scratches, nail holes and gouges. Love to see how they fix them up!

And yes.....why should you? Haven't you just paid enough for the house? Sheesh alright :-)

Petal said...

Love the shiny oven, love the shiny tiles - LOL, you should have put one of my DS's "shiny tiles" in your place somewhere!!!

Saturday - woo-hoo, not long at all now!!!

And, oh, yes, you MUST need a shed- where else would Bikeboy put his bike????

sparklingmerlot said...

Don't economise when buying fittings. It might seem like a good idea at the time but 6 months down the track you will regret not spending the extra which will seem such a paltry amount. This is the bitter, bitter voice of experience.

Buy those shelves!!