Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting organised

With the moving done and the unpacking just about complete (I'm trying to ignore those boxes in the lounge....), we made a huge start yesterday on getting our garage sorted out. It took us all afternoon, but there's actually room for a car in there now.

We need to get some shelving and brackets and perhaps some more plastic tubs for storing all those odds and ends that you accumulate somehow, but it's beginning to look more or less organised. Of course, Bike Boy's priority was to get suitable storage arranged for the bikes.

It would be lovely to go all-out and buy one of those fab storage systems you can get at Bunnings or Howard's Storage World, but with our budget still needing to cover numerous expenses, we're doing garage storage on the cheap. So a trip to K Mart today and some minimal expenditure got us the perfect hooks for the job.


The boxes in the foreground are full of stuff to be donated to charity. Where DOES it come from?

I insisted that mine be hung on the lowest hook, seeing as I'm vertically challenged.... The other two belong to Bike Boy. There's one hook left, and we think that will be used for hanging the gazillion spare tyres and tubes we have lying around.

It'll be nice to be able to open the car door without banging into bikes or spare tyres. The garage at our rental was considerably smaller than this one and I was forever tripping over things trying to get in and out of the car. Having everything cluttering up the floor didn't help.

On the furniture and decorating front, we're moving slowly. Blinds are probably three or four weeks away, but the Redi-Shades are doing a sterling job in the meantime. Fitting out my studio is a priority, but we're not rushing it. I need to figure out exactly what I want (and what will fit).

We did manage to pick up a bargain couch/chaise for the retreat on Christmas Eve and it arrived this week. Trouble is, youngest son thinks the couch and the fake-fur throw are just the best things EVER and is always in our room. The phrase "parents' retreat" obviously doesn't mean much to him....

The colour wasn't what I wanted. I was after cream or beige, but the choices were limited and a bargain is a bargain, so chocolate it is.

Anyway, we have the TV and DVD player all set up in their special niche, and it's lovely to lie around watching TV in what we jokingly refer to as "our flat". Now we just need a coffee table. And maybe a bar fridge. :p


House-To-Be said...

That's funny that you call your room the "Flat" we call ours "The Apartment". I can't wait to have something in it, it's empty apart from new bedlinen sitting on the floor waiting for a bed (shame I haven't got a new bed to put it on).

LOL about your son. Kids are all the same aren't they? I think the Chocolate sofa looks good too.

Bike racks look great, KMart you say.....better take a trip down there, we have quite a few bikes to hang too.

It's all coming together for you :-)

Kek said...

Yeah, I'd like a new bed, new bedside tables, blah, blah... oh well, can't have everything. Not straight away, anyway. ;o)

The hooks were $13.95, I think, and they hold up to 22kg. Just right.

Lisa said...

Nice bike!! From the photo it looks like a SUB - they can be good for some women with the different geometry, my road bike is small too, although I am 164cm's so a little bit taller. Do you ride much?

Lisa (Lisanne)

Kek said...

Hi Lisa, yes it's a SUB, and it suits me well, since I'm only 160cm tall.

I don't ride as much as I'd like to - but I'm hoping to do more this year. :o) My husband is the cyclist in the family.