Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting closer to finished

Our blinds are ready for installation - they don't have anyone available to do it this week, but we're booked in for next Monday.

The RediShades have been great, but I'm a bit sick of the extra effort it takes to open them, and the pegs hanging off them aren't exactly a decorating statement. Also, they flap around in the breeze, which is pretty annoying when you have windows open. Or when you open or close doors.

Can't wait to pull them down and chuck them away!

LOL - I'm being picky now, aren't I? It could be worse, I might have had to put up with sheets for the past six weeks.


House-To-Be said...

Great news. Can't wait to see them up. I've taken a liking to our redi-shades :-)

Mrs B said...

How wonderful to get your window furnishings at last! They are going to look fantastic in your new home. Now you can sit back and enjoy living in your beautiful house.
Mrs B

Grant N Althea said...

Wow I'm so jealous you've built my original dream home, the Bridgeport! It looks beautiful! Keep up the good work :)

Sue aka Clarkie said...

I'd take redi-shades over timber blinds anyday! We have them throughout the whole house and you can't keep the house completely dark in summer, always have light showing through. And the dusk, well know how much you love to dust Kerryn :|