Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last night we had ridiculous gale-force winds here in Melbourne. At 3:00am we were woken by the steel decking that forms the roof over our portico and behind the parapet wall flapping around. I think I got back to sleep about 5:00..... We're waiting for someone to come and fix that - as well as the 700 other "minor" things on our list.

But in spite of no sleep, high temperatures and the crazy wind continuing to blow, Bike Boy got outside and finished off the deck. Ta-dah!

Front view. The ground level will be raised to just below the trimmer on the lower section, so the garden beds and our path-to-be will be level with the driveway.

Side view from the driveway. I love the little lower section between the garage wall and the pillar:

So, driveway, letterbox, decking are all ticked off we just need that landscaping done and our blinds installed and the front of the house will be all finished. Should be looking good in another 2-3 weeks.

Must remember that I have to go Roundup those weeds and mark out where our paths are to go with spray paint before the landscaping guys turn up.


House-To-Be said...

Wow, BB has done a great job. What a trooper, he's so clever. Your front looks great. Looking forward to seeing your landscaping design come to life.

EmSmith said...

Hi There!
My name is Amelia and I've been doing some research into PD.
My partner and I are looking at getting our own home. It's a long story but, in 25 words or less, we got our rent hiked and it's now more viable to pay a loan rather than pay someone's rent!
You've done a great job with your home, it looks beautiful. I'm envious and inspired. But I'm sure you've had your ups and downs with everything. I noticed you had a champagne bottle in a few of the pics. At least you got to celebrating a milestone or two!

I wanted to ask what your experience with PD was like? It's so hard to get a consistent review, I've gathered from my reading that most problems are interior related.

I would appreciate your opinion and thoughts.
Did you look at other builders as well? How did you come to choosing PD?



Nay said...

can i please ask if you brought your letterbox or if you built it? really like it!!
And love your front garden, it has iven me so much inpiration for our new home :)

Kek said...

Hi Nay - it's just a pre-formed concrete job. We got it from a local garden centre in Plenty, but I've seen them in quite a few places around Melbourne.