Monday, January 19, 2009

Outdoor stuff

There's still lots going on around the place, but it all takes time.... Our portico decking is under construction, and should look great once finished. The landscaping guy is coming on Wednesday to go over our plans for the front yard - I can't wait to have that all done, so the place looks complete from the street. I'm sick of dust and weeds....

Finally, a photo of our driveway:

And a close-up, showing the colour. We're still considering whether or not to seal it:

The beginnings of our deck:

And the first section completed:

We're also making plans for the back yard landscaping - the ideas seem to be getting more and more grand. A simple deck and pergola is developing into a major project, involving feature wall, built-in barbecue, water feature, Balinese hut, and possibly an outdoor bar. I'm thinking something like this would be nice......

I'm sure it wouldn't cost much....only a million or so. :o)


House-To-Be said...

oh nice backyard Kek! I can understand why your plans are getting grander my the minute when looking at photos like that!

I absolutely love your facade, love the colours. Great job on the porch, is Bike Boy doing it? Looks great.

We opting to have our drive sealed. I thought Mark was coming last week to do it but we haven't seem him.......maybe next ;-)

House-To-Be said...

edit - "by the minute" not "my"....

Kek said...

I've always had grand ideas...took that photo at the garden show a couple of years back, it was so awesome I just stood and stared, slack-jawed. Swim-up bar complete with sink and fridge, built-in bbq in the funky steel table.... *sigh*

Yes, BB is building the deck - he's going very slowly, but it's paying off. :o)

Hmm, maybe Mark has taken on more work than he can handle? Hope he turns up soon. I think we'll do our own sealing if we do decide to go ahead. It's not a huge area.