Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Small steps

We've been busy bees, with both of us pretty much tackling one project each day. Of course, some days I'm just all tied up with the CLEANING. Ugh - dust is a nightmare here, so I've had to reform my slovenly ways and get busy with the broom, duster and mop. Hopefully, that's temporary and once all the building around us is finished, it'll get easier and I can go back to hiding shit in cupboards as a house-cleaning method.

We're gradually working through a long list of things to do, and we now have feature lights in our ensuite and outdoors. Two to go.... Most of my contribution has involved unpacking, sorting and finding homes for things. Today another load of boxes went off to Diabetes Australia, and Bike Boy headed off to the council recycling depot with the mountain of cardboard we'd accumulated from moving boxes and new 'stuff' we've bought.

The mess and clutter is just about gone. Hallelujah!

Here's a bit of a random collection of images:

Up-and-down lights for the facade

Smaller downlights for the al fresco area

And some wall lights in the ensuite (I've since cleaned the fingerprints off them - oops!)

We've (I'm using the Royal "we" here....I did nothing) hung our mirror in the bedroom....

....almost finished clearing out and organising the garage.....

.....And added a few decorator touches around the place:

I still need some "pretties" for the niches in the bathrooms. And the lounge is almost empty, and likely to remain so for a while. I'm organising a flyscreen for our sliding door - I'm sweltering in here! And we have to seriously get moving on some outdoor stuff - the guys are coming to get started on landscaping the front yard on the 21st, so we have to get the portico decked before then.

And if the bin in the kitchen isn't hidden in a cupboard soon, my head might explode. I hate kitchen bins on display. Yuk!


House-To-Be said...

Your lights looks nice Kek. Great choices.

Love the new vases and flowers, they look really nice.

Wish our garage looked like that! We can't fit anything else in!

Kek said...

Toni, it took us a while to get to the garage. We could barely walk through it a couple of weeks ago...

It was well worth spending most of a day oganising it though, made heaps of room for other stuff that was cluttering up the house.

As for the decorations - two of the vases came from a $2 shop, and so did the flowers. The third vase I picked up for $15 on sale at a fancy homewares shop. I'm decorating on a budget! :o)

Mrs B said...

Hi Kek

Already I am starting to dread Move Day as we have so much rubbish and junk in storage. You must of worked hard to clear the garage of all those boxes...it must of felt good to declutter! Your house is looking fantastic, looking forward to more pictures!

Kek said...

Mrs B, moving is definitely the pits! I still don't know how we had so much surplus stuff after the huge clean up we had before selling our old place.

There's lots more decorating to do, but that will go slowly. I'm in no rush.