Monday, January 26, 2009

Is there anything more satisfying?

Well, sure, there probably are lots of things more satisfying. But I get some small pleasure out of clean washing flapping in the breeze.

One more task ticked off: clothesline installed. I think it's going to be quite adequate - I only have the small inner section unfolded here, and that's a full load from my 7.5kg washer, which doesn't even fill it. But if it turns out to be too small, we'll get another and put them side-by-side.

I discovered a small hitch when I went to hang the first load out though. In our old place, I had a peg tidy attached to the central post on our big folding rotary hoist. I can't stand pegs left on the lines; they get dirty and rusty and leave marks on your clean washing. Plus they go brittle and you're always having to replace them. So in the rental, with no post to attach a peg tidy to, I kept them in a plastic bucket with a lid, on the ground under the line.

My eldest son though, is apparently incapable of replacing the lid, so the bucket was continually full of rain and dust and when we moved, I just threw the filthy, rusty pegs out. Only thing is, I didn't get around to buying more.... d'oh!

A quick trip to Safeway took care of that little problem, and we now have lovely clean washing, air-drying nicely. :o)

We just need some paving underneath - that might have to wait for a bit, but meanwhile, we'll put down a layer of screenings or something to keep the mud at bay. That's if it ever rains again.


House-To-Be said...

sob sob sob....I miss my line! My parents have one like you and they love it. Good to tuck away when not in use too.

Are you finding much dirt/dust on the washing or is it a bit sheltered where it's located?

I'm using a couple of airers on my Balcony at the moment! Works great I just can't do a big load of sheets.

It's the simple things that make us happy isn't it? hehe

Kek said...

Me too, Toni, I've survived up to now with the clothes airers (and the dryer), but I'm glad to finally have my line up.

I'll let you know about the dust - the clothesline was only assembled this morning, so this is the first load I've hung out. It should be fairly sheltered, but dust is definitely a problem around here.