Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A couple more things crossed off the list

We've had another of our feature lights installed - I ordered this one from Beacon Lighting's online store and their service was sensational. They had none in stock, but rushed through an order for me and I had it in my hot little hands a few days later. AND it was on sale! :o)

So that's the retreat lighting all done - nice mood lighting, perfect for watching TV. Just needs a table in the corner, with something decorative on it:

One more light fitting to go - this one's going to cost a bit. Trapeze lighting for our raked ceiling in the lounge...

We had our consultation today for the "free" landscaping we get as part of our land deal, and there were no probs with what we want for the front yard. We've chosen our mulch and pebbles (no lawn, no mowing!), they have our plan, and the hard yakka should all be done by end of next week. The planting will be a separate job, a week or two later.

We get 30 plants provided as part of the developer's deal, which sounds like a lot.... but when you're not having lawn, there's quite a bit of space to fill in. So apart from the ones I've selected from the landscaping company, I've been eyeing off other plants I like, deciding which ones to get to fill up the gaps. I'm in love with this little cutie, Acacia Cognata:

And also the fluffy-looking Blue Fescue:

Gotta work a few of those in somewhere.

The deck didn't quite get finished today, but it'll be done tomorrow, in plenty of time for the landscaping fellas to work their magic around it.


House-To-Be said...

Love the light/shade in the retreat Kek. Looks nice.

Happy that the meeting with the landscapers went well. Did you find it difficult to design the front? I have no idea where to start. I drive around and take photos of other houses! I'd really like them to come up with the design for us......

Love that Acacia, very bushy but looks so soft and the other plant looks as if it will fill in spaces quite good.

Kek said...

Toni, I love doing garden design and this one was a piece of cake - we used to have a big yard and I spent a lot of time getting it just how I wanted it.

I really just pinched my basic idea (alternating strips of pebbles and mulch) from the Bridgeport displays and then modified it to suit the shape and size of our yard. I also had to work it around the path we want from the portico to the side gate.

It wasn't hard at all, but I pretty much settled on the design over a year ago. Picking the plants is the fun part, but you have to resist the urge to have one of everything you like, or it looks "bitty". Mass plantings are the go...

Your yard is bigger, but should still be pretty easy - you just have to narrow down the things you really want to include. If you want some assistance, I'm happy to help!

The landscaping guys can offer suggestions, but you need to have some idea of what you want first.

Mrs B said...

Your landscaping is going to look fantastic kek! I also love seeing your progress inside and all the new fittings you are putting in. I think the fun bit is the decorating part.... after all, who would want to go through a house build again LOL

mrs B

House-To-Be said...

Thanks for the tips Kek re the garden. I think once the kids are back at school/kinder next week I'll take some time and have a wander at the display gardens etc.

I've been reading your other blog for the past few hours......thanks :-)