Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photo update

Things are still happening, just a bit slower now. Everything takes so much time - and the heatwave made it impossible to do any outdoor stuff. This week has seen a few changes though.

We finally ditched the Redi-shades and got our real blinds installed on Monday. We have timber venetians throughout most of the house, like this one:

The kids' rooms have roller blinds and there's a Roman blind for the sliding door in the rumpus room. No photos of those though...sorry. It's nice to be able to block out the light, and to be able to easily open and close blinds feels like luxury.

Then the landscaping guys turned up Tuesday morning, and this is the result:

We spread the sunset toppings and added a few pavers, but all the rest was done for us. :o)

We're happy with the design - it's very linear, but so is the house facade, so I think it suits. It looks a bit desert-like at the moment, but once they come back to do the planting, it'll be a different story. That should be within the next couple of weeks.

The painter also arrived early on Monday morning to finally do the touch-ups we've been waiting for. And he did the feature walls in the kids' rooms for us. This is The Middle Child's room (it was the only one neat enough for public viewing). The colour is Wattyl Blue Earth, which I picked in about a minute flat from a brochure....and it turned out great! Thank goodness.


Toni said...

oh Kek, I just love your paint in your bathroom. It's so lovely. The whole bathroom looks so lovely.

Great that you have your blinds in. Must make a huge difference to the feel of the house.

Love the Blue Earth, very nice, looks very calming. Great choice.

Front yard looks great, you must be so pleased to see the end of the dirt!!!! Look forward to seeing the plants in. Will take a drive by tomorrow after kinder drop off and have a peek :-)

Kek said...

Toni, I love that paint colour too. It's clean and cool.... :o)

I'm hoping for a miraculous cool change before the plants are put in. The last 2 nights I was bucketing bath water on my pot plants and it's a huge pain.