Thursday, February 26, 2009

For Toni....

Photos, as requested, Madame!

It's still a work in progress - 30 plants sounds like a lot, but when you have no lawn, that's quite a lot of space to fill up. So I'll be adding some extra plants, but not for a few weeks yet. I'm waiting for the hot weather to pass before I go spending my hard-earned on something that might cark it.

We got two trees included - they're a bit on the small side, but they look healthy enough, so I'm sure they'll grow. We chose a Magnolia Little Gem....

And a Waterhousia Floribunda (weeping Lilly-Pilly)....

I had to have some of these Leucophyta Brownii (a.k.a. Cushion Bush). The grey foliage is so pretty...

And the yellow-striped Libertias that I spotted in the nature strip plantings near the park last winter. Those are a couple of Cordyline Australis behind them.

I chose three Bird of Paradise as feature plants too - LOVE these!

There's a wide pebble strip smack-bang in the centre of the garden that I want to do something with, but I'm still considering. I'm thinking maybe a feature - urn, potted plant, something? I'm not sure whether to stick said feature in the centre of the main section, or place it at the back, against the house.

We also plan to build a screen, with slats made from left-over decking timber, to hide the bins. And I need to plant something in front of that. Maybe another Bird of Paradise?

Finally, the pebble strip along the side boundary needs some plants too - but we're waiting till construction of the house next door is finished. Those tradies aren't fussy where they put their feet. Or their tools. Or their rubbish. OR their leftover mortar, for that matter!

Now I'm off to give the thirsty plants a drink and a dose of Seasol.


Mrs B said...

Well done Kek! you have been busy...landscaping is very hard work or at least for me it is! I still love that front decking of yours, so much so that I told the builder I wanted one for my front entrance. I just hope we all get some rain now to help all those gorgeous plants grow.
Mrs B

Toni said...

Oh Kek, a post just for me *kiss*

Actually I did drive by today, well not drive by I came to a complete stop and had a good look. It looks fantastic! Well done. Makes me want to put some pen to paper and get ours done now.

You might need to get up extra early tomorrow and give them a drink before the heat sets in.

I really like the idea of a large Urn, would you tie the colour into one from your facade?

Some of the gardens on the main parade are looking very sad. I did like number 21's front yard. Might have to go back and take a photo of that one.

Kek said...

Mrs B, I'm sure a deck would look fantastic on your house. You have so many interesting materials, textures and colours in your facade....can't wait to see a photo of it finished!

Toni, I gave them all an extra drink this morning. I think somebody may need a nice bath tonight too, so I can bucket the water onto the garden... :o)

I think an urn or large pot is the way I'm leaning, and I'd try to match the colour to the Ironstone as closely as possible, I think. Plenty of time to think about it before I can do much more anyway - we're in for a lot more hot days yet.

It's a shame to see some of the gardens around here looking so sad. Most will recover once the heat passes. A trim, some fertiliser and (hopefully) a good amount of rain should do the trick. There are one or two that have been sadly neglected though. :o(

Grechy said...

Hi Kek, your landscaping is fantastic! Has inspired my so much. I have a brand new house with a no landscaping at all so my ideas are all over the place at the moment.

I do have a question about your mulch near the slab of your house. Do you find moisture a problem being in contact with the slab? And do you have direct sunlight to the front of your house? I love the vegetation in front of the house, but I'm getting advice from pavers not to put anything near the slab. ( due to the fact I have no direct sunlight to the facade either).

Any advice would be great. Thanks!