Sunday, March 1, 2009

Times change

I was thinking about my grandmother this morning (long story - see my post about passionfruit on my Day 85 blog if you want to know why), and that got me thinking about her house. And THAT got me thinking about what a contrast MY very modern home is to the lovely old weatherboard Edwardian where Grandma lived.

The photo above is Grandma's actual house, but it was taken quite some time after her death, when the new owners had completed a beautiful extension and renovation. They added the second storey and completely changed the interior and rebuilt the back. But if I cover the top storey with my hand, this is exactly how I remember the place.

I always loved those double doors with the leadlight panels. And the timber-floored verandah was the stage for many childhood dance and drama productions. There was lily of the valley and baby's tears growing under the verandah steps, and roses along the front boundary. And of course, a thick green lawn.

I wonder what she would have thought of our place?

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Toni said...

Wow what a beautiful house. I'd love an old house (but renovated) to live in. Or even just a brand new American Home style one.....

Yes I'm sure all our grandparents would be shocked to see alot of the gadgets we have around today. I often wonder why my kids kids will have?

Great post Kek.