Saturday, March 28, 2009

Three months later....

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog front this month, partly because I've been busy, but mostly because nothing much has been happening. We're sitting back and pondering the rear landscaping - we have some definite ideas and some we need to make a few decisions before we can begin work on anything permanent. Don't want to spend time, effort and money on something and then decide that it has to be moved because we want something else there.

I've been a bit slack on the decorating front too. I have some ideas, but can't find just the thing I need. I do have a couple of small projects underway, but can't seem to find time or inclination to get on with them. Perhaps over Easter.

Today, I made a small contribution to the work that still needs to be done in the front garden. I bought three acacia cognata "limelight", and got those planted. I also picked up a red cordyline, which will go in a large pot as a feature. Now I just need to find the pot.

Acacia cognata "limelight":

Cordyline "Red Star":

I might get inspired to go hunting for those pots I need tomorrow. I think this is the style I want (the tall ones):

I wonder if they can be painted. Ironstone would be nice.

We had our three month maintenance inspection a month ago.... some of the items have been fixed, a couple of others are booked in, but we're still waiting on the rest. Yesterday we had one of our French doors to the ensuite replaced, a few doors that were sticking fixed, a privacy lock that wasn't working sorted out, some mortar cleaned off the brickwork and the PVC pipes to the rainwater tank painted. There were also some paint touchups. And we had three plumbers turn up to replace the too-short arm on our dumper shower head with the longer one we should have got in the first place. No idea why that took three men. I'm sure there's a joke in there: How many plumbers does it take to change a shower head?

The renderer called in to check on colour and to see where touch-ups needed to be done, and said he'd be back in a few days. Yet another service on our bifold has been booked for the week after next, and the cabinet people are supposed to come and fix the doors on our bathroom vanity.

No word on when the rest will be done, so I think I'll be making a call on Monday. I'm sure builders think that it's nothing for us to just rearrange work or other commitments at a moment's notice to fit in with tradesmen.

Hmm, did I say nothing much has been happening?

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