Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The real thing

As everyone has no doubt noticed, I've updated my header. Instead of a photo of the display home, we now have..... OUR home. :o)

I'll try to get one with better lighting. Maybe I should be less lazy and haul out the tripod and actually use something other than the auto setting on my SLR.

Anyway, now that the deck is all done and the basic landscaping in place, it looks just as I imagined. It's quite hard to picture during the build, with no driveway, no landscaping, a bare concrete porch and mess everywhere, and you can really doubt your choices. But it turns out that all that agonising over colours and finishes actually was worth it.

And the portico beam? The one they rendered by mistake and then tried to tell me didn't matter, it looked fine? I'm so glad I kicked up a fuss about it and made them paint it in Ironstone. I wanted that "floating" effect, and that's exactly what I got.



Toni said...

You know already how much I love your facade :-) Photo looks fantastic. You should be really pleased with yourself. I love the Ironstone beam too, great that you got them to change it.

Kek said...

The Kingsford facade definitely has the WOW! factor, that's for sure.

I'm so glad we got the timber windows as part of our sales promotion, AND that we decided to pay for the upgrade to stain them instead of painting. It would have been a shame to hide that timber under paint...

Toni said...

Oh I don't see the point in painting timber windows. If you are going to have timber then they should be stained......that's my opinion anyway.

I just realised today when coming home that I think there is a B'port with your facade down the road from me.

I do love the colours of the one in Riverdale too :-)

ourdreamhouse said...

We went driving in MV yesterday and I was keeping an eye out for your place - didnt find it tho! lol

I found what looked like another Bridgeport and I pointed it out to george and he said "The front doesnt look like that" Didnt have the heart to tease him about it coming in more than one facade.... ;) lol