Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Intervention required?

I just picked up a few more plants..... uh-oh! Somebody save meeeeee: my plant addiction seems to be kicking in again, after being dormant for quite a while...

It's going to be interesting - most of the plants I'm putting in are things I've never grown before. Our old garden was quite traditional. I had begun to replace a few things with more drought-tolerant species shortly before we decided to sell, but mostly it was filled with plants that I was very familiar with. Like these:

Now it's less flowers, and more ornamental grasses and the like. I guess I'll find out what works and what doesn't....

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Toni said...

Plant away Kek!! I'm just deciding on whether I'll go to the Show. Friday's a bit busy and so is Thurs, so that only leaves tomorrow.

I like the purple flower in the top pick.

Did you like the Simonds displays?