Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It may not look like much

But there's some serious work gone into this!

I ran out of go before I finished planting these - some lovely Phormium and Liriope "Evergreen Giant" will be a great contrast.

I did get these few in the ground....

I added two more Acacia Cognata then just moved some of the silver-leaved Cushion Bush for more dramatic effect. I replaced those with Liriope Muscari.

I also decided I didn't like the positioning of the Dietes, so those all got moved to the bed next to the driveway, which looks much better. Of course, now I have this big empty bed. Hmm, what to do....?

Now I'm thinking of moving the green Cordylines near the house too, and replacing them with bigger ones. And maybe those Libertia would look better somewhere else...?


Toni said...

hahhha, three posts in one day!

You've been a busy girl. I have been sitting here typing Newsletters.....

I really love the Acacia Cognata, nice and bushy (I really want to say fluffy) and so green!

I'm sure what ever you decide it will look good. I have no idea what to suggest. Have you got any trees in there?

Kek said...

Oh go on, say FLUFFY... because they are. ;o)

As for trees, there's a Weeping Lilly Pilly near the front path, and a Magnolia Little Gem in the bed I've just cleared. I think that's getting moved - I want a tow of Magnolias along the side boundary. Can't do that till the house next door is finished though, the tradies keep spilling mortar and goodness-knows-what amongst our pebbles.

I'm going to head over to Plantmark for a squiz, maybe on Friday. Wholesale nursery - could be dangerous!

kexkez said...

Love the ironstone portico bit. it does look speccie and definitely like it is floating.

very full on time there will all this garden planting going on. If you run out of garden and desperately need to do some I'll have plenty in a couple of months to be done. hehehe :)

Toni said...

That's right, forgot about your weeping lilly pilly. The row of Gems will look nice along the boundary.

I took a walk down our street the other night. The Peppercorns out the front look a bit sad and I honestly thought ours was dead by the end of our build. The construction must effect the trees in some way. The only block that isn't a building site has the most healthiest and widest tree!

Yes they are fluffy!!! LOL!