Saturday, April 4, 2009

Into each life some rain must fall

There's been zero progress on the garden front. I've been busy with work, and then the rain kind of got in the way yesterday, when I might have actually had a spare few minutes.

On the plus side, this morning I scored a heap of free plants from one of my lovely clients. Her husband grew these from offshoots and had plenty to spare, so I gratefully accepted the offer of some drought-tolerant plants to help fill out the backyard garden beds ...which, as yet, are non-existent.

Score! Four agaves, five yuccas and some cute little cacti that I have plans for:

There may have been less doing, but there's definitely been more thinking. I've been pondering the back yard design and my ideas are beginning to take shape.... I can see it in my mind. Now I just have to transfer that, first to paper, then to reality.

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