Sunday, April 5, 2009

Still gardening

Finally got this lot done:

Now I need a couple of rocks, and that tap removed:

I was going to add more of these Libertias, but saw some mature ones at the nursery and decided to give them some space:

Got my succulents planted. Now I need some pebbles or gravel to give it the finishing touch:

I also worked out what I want to do around the clothesline. The heavy rain on Friday resulted in mud splashed on my clean washing....not happy about that! I want to use 400 x 400 square pavers under the line, to pave an area about two by three metres. I'll leave 50mm gaps between the pavers, and will plant some Mondo grass in the spaces. I got some at a bargain price from Bunnings today.

I'll also leave a narrow strip at the back, along the fenceline, and plant some groundcovers there. I picked up some small pots of dichondra and a sedum variety this morning that will look good.

A couple of potted plants to one side will finish off the effect nicely. When the line isn't in use and is folded down, we won't be left looking at an expanse of glaring concrete, but.... no mud!

Gee, this is turning into a gardening blog.....

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