Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've been to IKEA

Yes, I braved the horrors of the car park, the one-way labyrinth (and all the people WITH PRAMS who clearly don't understand the concept of ONE WAY) and the unpronounceably-named furniture for some Swedish ingenuity. Oh, alright...... it's really because it's cheap.

Number One Son actually wanted to go to get an armchair and a couple of shelves for his room. Of course, everything he wanted was out of stock, in spite of the website claiming that the items were IN stock. But I brought home a heap of flat packs. :o)

I now have a half-assembled office (still waiting on the rest of the stuff I need) and somewhere to put our coffee cups in the retreat.

Photos will be forthcoming, when the new equipment arrives for my studio and I have it all set up. Meanwhile, I'm running off to Sydney for the weekend.



ourdreamhouse said...

I cant wait to see it all!

Toni said...

Me too! Glad you had the time to go. Sorry to hear #1 Son missed out :-( That's so annoying!

Hope you have heads of fun in Sydney :-)

Toni said...

hahhha, that was supposed to say "heaps of fun" not heads......