Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm glad THAT week's over

A few images from the past week:

Looking towards the Plenty River. This is a small part of the 130 hectares of burnt-out grasslands and bush waaaay too close to us, taken last Sunday evening. You can just make out a CFA tanker in the background, far right.

Also Sunday - lookng down our street, north towards the Kinglake ranges and a huge cloud of smoke rising.

And looking south, more or less towards the city. I think most of this smoke had drifted from the Yarra Ranges in the east.

7:30am today, from the front porch. I think that's the sun there, glowing behind the thick layer of dirty brown smoke. *cough* Then again, it could be a torch with worn-out batteries.

And getting back to around the house.... two coats of Ultra Deck later, and it's all finished. How good does this look? You can't really see it here, but what I thought at first was dust turned out to be a fine layer of ash over the timber...

I love how the colour matches our timber door frame and windows so closely. Even the venetians blend well. :o)

1 comment:

Toni said...

Great sun pics. We have a few of them too, tried to get the mountain ablaze last night but my camera just couldn't do it.

I'm still loving your facade and porch :-) BB should be very pleased with himself.