Friday, March 19, 2010


Here's a funny thing: numerous people have asked us whether we're going to enclose our alfresco room, with cafe blinds or windows or something. WTF? We have four (indoor) living rooms - why on earth would we want another?

The outdoors is exactly that - OUTDOORS. I know Melbourne's climate means that we won't get an enormous amount of use out of it throughout winter, but hey; that's life. And thinking about it, the covered deck at our old house got used probably nine months of the year. That was open on two sides; this has three sides enclosed, plus a fairly protected area immediately outside. And we have the gas patio heater....

I'm not one for hanging up blinds, putting down carpet (outdoor rugs? What is THAT about?) and sticking a bloody great plasma TV on the wall. I don't get it - why try to turn the outdoors into a clone of the indoors? Beats me.

I just want to sit out there with a drink in hand, maybe some music playing softly, and enjoy the sight of the garden, the sounds of birds and frogs, and comment, a la Darryl Kerrigan: "How's the serenity?"


Toni said...

lol at Darryl :)

I agree Kek. Outdoors it outdoors. Fact. And yes I think you have plenty of indoor living area. We eat out on our Alfresco all weekend, unfortunately we do get wind through one side but I think that will improve once the house next door gets built. I can't stand TV's outside, you should be there to read or talk or socialise or yeah just enjoy the serenity!

I say crank up the heater and put on some woolies!!

Mrs B said...

Hi kek

I have given you an award for your beautiful blog! Come on over to have a look and btw...your backyard is amazing, just like going through another house build but so much quicker!

Mrs xx