Thursday, March 18, 2010

At last

I feel like it's finished. Even though it isn't quite....

Long time coming!!

Ignore the neighbour's house poking over the fence there - I haven't finished planting yet. That's going to become invisible soon.


Larajane said...

That looks so lovely :) Very peaceful and great colours. I would love to have something similar in our backyard.

stormygirl said...

Looking just fantabulous Kek!! Well worth the wait! I can't wait to do the landscaping and put the finishing touches on the whole house/garden. At times it still feels like I'm living in a construction zone, and I hate it!

I really love what you have created in the landscaping. Top marks!

Kek said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Stormy, I know just how you's so nice to have the outside all done. Now I can get on with the furnishing and decorating. ;)