Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Break in the weather

I'm beginning to ache all over and I suspect I'll be spending some quality time with my ice pack tonight, but I got heaps of planting done today. I've been out there most of the day, in spite of the 60kmh winds and a few showers.

I'm nowhere near finished, but here are a few pics anyway.

That's better! A much nicer view as you walk through from the front door:

I tried to get a photo of the view from the dining room window, but the camera kept focusing on the blinds. Next time, switch to manual focus, dummy!

The table and chairs had a brief outing in the sunshine, but thanks to the foul weather, they're back under cover for now:

This section of the planter box is done. At least as far as plants go:

I love how this area at the side is shaping up:

The back is mostly done. A few more things to go in, but it's looking good:

Tiger grass, Lomandra, Acoris:

A couple of yuccas, an agave and some echeverias. I may plant out the cacti too. Might need tongs for that job...

A few close-ups. Tiger grass:


Nandina "Nana":


Cordyline "Sundance":

And I've adopted a bonsai, a gift from my Mum. A gorgeous Nandina and (I think) blue sedge:

I'm still figuring out exactly what to put in the back corner and how to arrange it all. That might be a job for next weekend.

All I want now is a fine and warm weekend so we can spend some time enjoying our new outdoor space. Please?


MDZZJ said...

Heres wishing you lots of fine weather to be able to enjoy what has been created.

Well done looks fantastic.

Toni said...

Well done Kek, looks fantastic. Back area is great, nice to see your plants in. You must be loving it!