Saturday, March 6, 2010

We made a friend!

Tonight I drove down to the local shopping centre to pick up The Middle Child from work, and The Baby decided to come along for the ride. On the way back, I was telling them about our froggy visitor last night, and as we turned into our estate, I thought we'd take a detour alongside the wetlands and listen out for gabonka frogs.

The boys really weren't into the idea (teenagers, ugh!), and The Baby was making pretend frog noises, trying to persuade me to give up and head home. Whatever...

When we got home, I was amazed to see a teeny-tiny froggie on the porch again. Did he make his way back, or is this another frog altogether? Whichever it is, I'm thinking it's a sign of a healthy ecosystem, and that we must have some frog-friendly plants in the front garden.

This time, I persuaded Bike Boy that he didn't need rescuing - he obviously likes some plants or insects in our garden and can find his own way back to the creek if he wants to. I also managed to grab the camera and get a pic, so here's the little feller:

He's only about 2cm long - to give you a bit of perspective, here's a shot of the decking. I would have circled him, but I don't seem to have any editing software after the last laptop rebuild... *sigh* If you look closely, you can see him - he's the light-coloured splotch near the corner of the bricks:


Toni said...

oh how cute :) We rescue a frog or two every morning from the pool. Different colour to your one though. I hear them everynight so yes they must be around and yes it's good that they are!

Lol at your boys, I can just imagine the frog noises coming out of the car.

Kek said...

Funny thing - the other night, I saw him hop away off the porcj and into the garden with a piece of fibre from our doormat in his mouth.

Do frogs build nests like birds? LOL.