Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loving it!

I think I've barely been indoors for the past five or six days. Barbecued something is on the menu every night, because who wants to spend time in the kitchen when you can be out here in these beautiful surroundings?

We're making the most of the good weather while it lasts. Winter will be here soon enough. Bleurgh. Although.... then I can turn my attention back to furnishing and decorating the inside of the house.

I'm steadily working at the planting, and it's all coming along nicely. After tossing up between tiled feature, urn, garden art and other options, we've finally decided on a water feature for our bare bit of wall in the middle of the planter. We've even found a design that Bike Boy can DIY a copy of....we just have to agree on the materials. It's an Asian-influenced trickling spout, and if we ever get it done, it's going to be perfect.


Toni said...

That photo is fan-bloody-tastic! Enjoy the last few weeks, Easter time soon and that means a change (I can't wait!).

Plants look lovely. Enjoy :)

Kek said...

I know you love the cooler months, Toni - and you know I hate them. LOL.

Easter will be a nice break though, yay!

Toni said...

Yep bring on school holidays. My little prep is quite tired at the moment. Spring will be here before you know it.....lol.....but yes I'll get to enjoy Winter first :)