Saturday, October 9, 2010

Today's projects

Today, I have on the go...

- My pot cupboard. Yes, I'm still going. I've been very short on time, so I just slap on some stain or paint or do a little sanding whenever I have a spare half-hour. It might be done by next weekend. Might not, either.

- A plant pot for an indoor palm. I wasn't keen on paying $60+ for a glazed pot, and couldn't find one in the exact colour I wanted anyway. So I bought a cheap terracotta pot instead and I'm doing the seal-and-paint thing, like I did with the herb planters. I'm using one of my mistint $1.50 bargains too, so it's working out exceptionally cheap.

I also had to do a few odds and ends in the garden: apply Seasol and molasses, pull out a few random weeds, sprinkle some snail bait about and trim off the ratty dead bits from some plants. That involved working around Bike Boy, who was connecting up our water feature (another super-cheap find).

Tomorrow's effort will be to stain and seal the bamboo panel we're using as a backdrop, then get it permanently installed - it's just propped up for now, so we could see the effect.

Yes, we will level it up before fixing it in place.


southies said...

Just stunning kek!
Love, love, love your outdoor area. I'm green with just gets better *drools*

Kek said...

Ah, Southies, your garden is lovely too - and it's way bigger!