Friday, October 8, 2010

Lamps! What do you think?



Just a little paint and a new shade, and such an improvement! I'm so glad I went with the black, and the natural linen-look shades are perfect. Not such a hard decision after all. And to think, I almost donated these to charity...

Cost breakdown:

Lamp bases - free. I must have bought them 15 years ago and we had plenty of use out of them as our bedside lamps.
Paint - free. Well, it was from my stash in the garage, so no cost specifically for this project.
Shades - $10 each on sale at K Mart.

$10 per lamp is pretty good in my book. :)

I'm linking to this party.


southies said...

soooooo much better in black kek!!!! and what a bargain they turned out to be with those go girl!

mmmm, maybe I should start on my dining chairs....*rolls eyes*

Kek said...

Maybe you should! LOL.

Just start, how hard can it be? ;)

Reinsey said...

WOW! They look great. Your braver (and much more resourceful) than me. I would have sent them to the salvos.
What's next on the makeover list??

Kek said...

Dunno about brave, Reinsey. More like incredibly cheap. LOL. I hate to waste perfectly good things, and have you SEEN the price of new lamps?

The one I'm lusting after has a $300 price tag. Yikes!

Chrissie said...

These lamps look fabulous now! Great transformation!