Sunday, October 10, 2010

A good day's work

I got the bamboo panel stained and sealed - I'd forgotten what a lengthy process it was last time. Stain on the front of the frame, two coats of Ultradeck on both sides of the frame and two coats of clear sealer on the bamboo on both sides. That's a lot of waiting around for paint to dry.

Bike boy added a strip of merbau to the top of the rendered screen which finishes it off nicely. Then he screwed the panel to the merbau capping. I got to hold the ladder, hand screws and drill bits to him and then rearrange the pebbles to get the water feature centred. Voila!

While all that was going on, I was also adding one more coat of paint and the first coat of sealer to my pot cupboard, plus reassembling the door. And then I got very brave and decided to give the top a waxed finish. Now I wonder what on earth I was worried about? Talk about easy...

It's still not finished, so you'll have to wait for photos. Bad luck.


Reinsey said...

I feel so cheated! No pics of the prized pot cupboard?????
By the way - do you hire Kek out for random acts of decorating goodness. Love your house, love your garden, love your projects.
Thank you for the pleasant distraction and inspiration that's keeping me semi-sane waiting for our stupid land to title!!!!!

southies said... looks like it came straight out of garden design magazine, kek!!!! *double drool*

vish said...

I just absolutely love your outdoor area and am using it as an inspiration for ours.

One question though (not sure if its silly one) - do you need to have an electricity or water connection to install a water feature? I am getting the backyard concreting done soon and am wondering if I need to make these provisions now as the water feature will be added later.


Kek said...

Hi Vish. It depends on the type of water feature you want. Most have a reservoir which you just fill with water and the pump recirculates it. You have to top up regularly because of evaporation, but no water connection is necessary.

You do need power - we had the landscapers install a conduit before the concreting was done, so we could run power to the planter box for the lights and water feature. You need to thread something through it beforehand, so you can attach your electrical flex and pull it through (we used a length of whipper-snipper line).

It's best to use low-voltage power, and then you can just bury the flex in the soil in the planter. Depending on the location of your water feature and your power point, you might be able to just bury the whole thing and skip the conduit - but it definitely needs planning beforehand to avoid a lot of extra work after.