Saturday, December 18, 2010

Random stuff

This is a bit of a random collection of photos and ramblings, in no particular order....

The Christmas tree looks a lot better than last year, thanks to the addition of some new decorations. Swapping a four-foot tree for a seven-foot tree and changing colour schemes meant we had a lot of empty space on the new tree.

Thanks to the trusty $2 Shop, I have these...

...and these...

...and these...

Plus these from K Mart...

...and these from the Reject Shop....

Add some coordinating wrapping (of course, because I'm a bit OCD), and it's looking almost perfect. Still room for some more bead garlands next year, plus more lights, I think.


Of COURSE, now that we've had our shade awning installed, ready for the blistering summer heat...there isn't any. It's done nothing but rain for the past few days and more rain is forecast pretty much for the rest of December. Great.


I bought this tower of gift boxes about five years ago from Target to use as a Christmas table centrepiece.

It came filled with different kinds of lollies, which of course were nought but a memory by the time New Year rolled around. I kept the boxes though, and after much nagging by The Baby, decided to refill them today.

I may have to do an audit each night to make sure they last more than a week.


Remember way back in winter, when I pruned the weeping mulberry and it looked like a stick? Here, I'll refresh your memory:

I'd never really grown a weeping tree before. Well, there was the cherry I put in at the old place, but we sold before I saw the result of my one and only pruning experiment there. So I was a bit terrified that it wouldn't grow back, or would turn out looking a bit mental. I needn't have worried:

Awesome gardening skills, or what?

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