Sunday, January 2, 2011

The neighbourhood

All this in the suburbs, without going more than 1km from my door. Make that 800m, I was feeling lazy....


State park

Old homestead



And where we live....

Love it! :)


Reinsey said...

Ah there's nothing quite like a well planned estate surrounded by life enhancements. And this is why we put ourselves through the fun (?) of building.
Hope we'll be as happy in our new home and new area as you appear to be Kek :)

kexkez said...

Looks like a lovely place to live kek. Lots of terrific places to walk to. We're a bit too dry here to be very scenic atm so I do envy you. But it is nice getting out and seeing the changes in the neighbourhood. I love your blue themed xmas tree. The silver and blue baubles give such a nice sparkle.

Mrs B said...

Hi Kek

Just wanted to say hi!!! Still reading your blog (always) even though I have been slack with mine. Nothing like living amongst nature, your estate looks beautiful and a wonderful place to bring up kids.

Mrs B xxo

Kek said...

It's very pleasant, Mrs B - but so is yours, with your river views. :)