Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sun lover

I planted a bowl of cacti a few months back, using some plants I got for free, some I got as part of a bargain lot, and one that I actually bought specially.

Anyway....on Saturday night, I noticed four little buds on one of the more prickly cacti, about 2cm high. This morning, I went out to water my pot plants and discovered this:

And....it's had babies!

The ugly old plastic bowl doesn't do a thing for it though. I must look around for something nice to re-pot them into.


Sophie said...

What beautiful flowers!! It's amazing how they can appear as if from nowhere!!

Toni said...

You know.....I didn't even know that they flower. So you are a Nanna!! hahaha (couldn't resist it!)

Toni said...

oh forgot to say that the flowers are just lovely!

Kek said...

Nanna, ha! :p