Sunday, November 8, 2009

Don't chuck it out!

How often do we get glossy brochures in the mail with beautiful new, fashionable furniture and homewares, and we look at our shabby old furniture and immediately start planning to replace it?

New stuff is nice, sure, but who has a bottomless bucket of money to pay for replacement stuff every time fashion changes? I'm saving my money for the important stuff, like lovely new paving. OK, and some couches. :o) Meanwhile, there are savings to be made with just a bit of time and effort.

We had a couple of pine four-drawer bedside tables, that we bought over 25 years ago, and not only were they looking a bit sad, but the style was just all wrong for the new house. So rather than buying new ones, I once again dragged out the sander, bought a can of stain/varnish and a set of new brushed steel handles and transformed this:

....into this:

No, the colour doesn't match the bed, but that's going anyway (eventually). I'll sell it on ebay and buy a new king size ensemble - after all, we have the room. And the new colour does almost match the coffee and side tables we have in the retreat, which was way more important.

Cost was about $50 for the two bedside tables. The new lamps were from Target, picked up in a 30% off sale. I love a bargain!

My next plan is for the entry ...I'm watching something on ebay that'll be just the thing with some stain and a couple of new handles. ;o)

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