Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coming together

I'm slo-o-owly completing my decorating plans. It's quite difficult when you have something (or several somethings) specific in mind though - finding just the right items at a reasonable price can be a challenge.

I've been watching eBay for ages, searching for the perfect carved timber daybed for our alfresco room. I've seen several, but have missed out on them when they've sold for way more than I was prepared to pay. So I was excited last week to win one at a rock-bottom bargain price... even if it did mean a three-hour round trip to collect it.

It was quite badly weathered, having been left outdoors in the sun, rain and wind for a year or so. It's teak, and was originally coated with a clear sealer and intended as an indoor furniture piece. I forgot to take a before photo (d'oh!) and can't get the eBay pic to load either, so this one was taken after I'd sanded and applied one coat of clear oil:

Two more coats of oil should see the timber in pretty good condition, and then a yearly oil after that will keep in in good nick - especially since we'll have it under cover. Then all I need to do is to make a seat pad for it, add some scatter cushions, and we'll have the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a cold drink on summer days.


Anonymous said...

Lovely piece and I'm sure it will look even more stunning when you've restored it to it's former glory!

southies said...

Well done kek!!!
Don't you just love that BUZZ when you've scored a great deal? Makes the long drive worth it!

kexkez said...

Such a beautiful piece Kek. What a fab ebay win you've scored.
The timbers in it look lovely. Once you've finished with all the oil coats it will look wonderful in your alfresco. And just in time for the warmer weather.