Monday, July 25, 2011

Slowly does it

Things are going along slowly in the decorating department, but I did get my family room cushions made. Of course, I'd bought enough fabric to make four cushions, but once I arranged them, I decided I really needed five. And perhaps one for the lounge. But when I went back to get more fabric, the shop had completely run out. :(

Oh well, I'll keep an eye out. Meanwhile, I don't think it looks too sparse:

A week or so ago, we finally decided that we couldn't last a minute longer with our old, OLD mattress. It's more than 15 years old (I know!), well overdue for replacing. So we've taken the opportunity to ditch our timber Federation style bed as well. It was fine in our old house, but just didn't fit in here. A brand new mattress and base have been ordered, and I'm expecting a call to arrange delivery any day now.

I'm going to be selling this bed (not the mattress, it's only fit for the tip):

If anyone's in the market for a queen-size solid timber bed, still in good condition, just let me know. :)


Mrs B said...

Hi kek

Great to see you are still posting on your home blog. Many housebuild blogs stop once we all move in!
Are you watching The Block? Love the show btw. Your cushions are just gorgeous and everything does take time, I feel like anything I do in my home is just taking forever!
Thankyou also for your comment on my blog, nice to hear from all my old bloggy friends.
Mrs B xxo

kexkez said...

I like your old bed ( though not keen on the tulip bit). Sadly it's a bit far to buy it off you or I'd be seriously tempted.

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Love the blue & white cushions :-) And the wall colour is great!

Toni said...

Love the cushions! Colour is just lovely. Nice sewing job ;-)

Kek said...

Sold the bed on eBay, no problems! The new one is lovely. :)