Monday, February 28, 2011

Free stuff!

Thanks to the generosity of Aaron and Erin, I'm now the proud owner of four giant clumps of bamboo, probably over $500 worth, FREE.

They dug out a huge mass of the stuff from a relative's yard and kindly offered some of the surplus to anyone who wanted it. Of course, I very quickly said "Yes".

I had planned to plant bamboo along the fenceline outside our sliding door, and now it's all lined up just waiting till I have the time to deal with it.

Those are 4m tall canes!

Yes, I took the pics through the (dirty) glass. It's raining out there!

It's lucky that the weather has turned cool and wet this week - no chance of the plants suffering heat stress before I can get them in the ground.


Kell said...

Boy, if that bamboo is the running kind not only are you going to be so unhappy but your neighbor will hate you. Do you now what kind it is? I recently was outside a nursery talking to a employee from there and commented on green spikes coming up by a telephone pole in the sidewalk but surrounded by cement. She said it was bamboo from the backyard of a neighboring house that sent runners out in all directions and could travel under cement for quite a way only to pop up so far away. She cursed the neighbor.

Kek said...

Nope, not the running kind... :)