Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's been a little wet here...

The tropical cyclones up north are having a nasty effect on our weather in the south, with stupid amounts of rain dumped on us yesterday.

This is our creek on a normal day; just a trickle of water that you can't even see from the bridge amongst all the vegetation:

This is the creek this morning, after 60-70mm of rain in the past 24 hours:

Note the little spillway in the billabong:

Uh....what spillway? (If you look carefully, you can see a line in the water that shows where it is):

We stood on the bridge and watched thousands of dragonfly larvae and a lot of tadpoles happily swimming in the billabong. The birds were pretty happy too - lots of food for them.

We humans could do with a bit less rain, thanks.

Things are pretty good around here - a few road closures, but we got off lightly compared to some parts of Melbourne, which received up to 180mm, most of it in a very short period last night. We have no flooding, no leaks and the only signs of the torrential rain is some mulch washed onto the footpath from the front garden, and one top-heavy potted plant that's having a lie down.

Cross your fingers for us; there's more on its way.

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