Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's next?

I'm afraid I have no fabulous furniture "saves" to share this week. I have plenty of jobs-in-waiting to attend to though, so it's not like I'll have nothing to do. (Besides, if I adopt one more poor bedraggled thing and bring it home to live in the garage, I may well find myself divorced.)

Instead I'm going to write myself a list (because I love lists) and start working through some of the makeovers and re-dos that are just lying around waiting patiently for attention.

Job #1 is the pine tallboy in our bedroom. I bought it before we were married, so it's practically ancient. It's still in good nick, but the clear finish is just blah. So it's getting a nice dark stain and satin sealer plus new drawer knobs to match the bedside tables I re-did months ago.

#2 is a pair of cheap robe inserts that we bought when we moved into our first home. Pine-fronted drawers, with chipboard sides and top - not exactly stylish. I'm thinking of covering the units with wallpaper, if I can find just the thing at a good price, and then painting or staining the drawer fronts. They may live in our walk in robes where nobody sees them except us, but who says they can't be pretty?

#3 is the mirror that used to hang above the buffet. Did I forget to mention that I picked up a bigger one, with a woven water hyacinth frame? Here 'tis:

The old one has a lovely bevelled edge and is in a timber frame that I like the style of - it's just the wrong colour for our bedroom where it now resides. Some stain will soon fix that.

#4 is the laundry.... eesh. That's a bit of a big job.

*slams the door shut quickly*

That lot ought to keep me occupied for a couple of weekends. Of course, I was just reading the local paper and there are a few garage sales this coming weekend that might be worth a look....


kexkez said...

sounds like you've got some work ahead. I love lists but mine never seems to get any shorter . I really should try and focus on just one thing on the list instead of doing bits from many things listed. So many thigns need doing and there's enver enough $ to go round.

Good luck with the resolve to stay away from garage sales. If you can get one mroe thing out of the garage and finished perhaps you can slip something "new" in.
I think there is a big auction coming up in town in the next week or so here run by the local Lions Club. I maybe tempted.

southies said...

sheesh !! and I thought I had a big job with 9 dining chairs. lol

kek, you're an inspiration....can I have some of your enthusiasm, please? lol

Kek said...

Dunno about enthusiasm, Southies, it's more like avoiding the stuff I should be doing. LOL

Kexkez, the $$ are always the biggest stumbling block, but I'm doing things on the cheap. Super-cheap!