Friday, July 23, 2010

What's your decorating style?

I was feeling all depressed about the lack of progress I've made on the furnishing and decorating front. There's always something that requires massive amounts of money to be spent on it (cars, kids' teeth, stuff like that...) and nothing much left for a new couch or artworks. Reading blogs and forum posts, it seemed as though everyone else had beautifully furnished homes. I'd look around at our old, mis-matched furniture and empty spaces, and sigh...

But I've decided that my decorating style will be Scabby Chic. I'm furiously restoring, recyling and finding new uses for things that we already have, plus I've been hunting down some bargains. eBay is always good for small furniture and decorator items, and I long ago discovered that K Mart and Target offer some surprisingly stylish bits and pieces.

I also have the world's best $2 Shop near my work. They stock a huge range of high quality silk flowers, some lovely vases, photo frames, trays and candle holders, among other things. I see the exact same stuff in fancy homewares stores for five times the price. And no, I'm not telling you where it is. It's my secret.

K Mart find:

Vase, hydrangeas and tea light holder from the $2 Shop, books from our bookcase, and the birdie I picked up in a gift/homewares shop this week.

I have a few DIY projects on the go - I'll post some photos when they're done.

In case anyone's wondering, the definition of Scabby Chic (which I just made up) is spending as little as possible to achieve the look you want. Reinventing the mass of crap that you already own has to be the starting point.


Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

I am eclectic, I love to mix and match eras

stormygirl said...

I know how you feel, Kek, about unfinished rooms...that's why I have never posted pics of 'full' room views, as they are far from finished! My dining room looks like a junk/storage room!

Anyway, I love your 'scabby chic' philosophy. I am always trying to shop around and find the cheapest price, or a cheaper alternative. Just keep telling yourself 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and 'All good things take time'!

Your bird and hydrangers look beautiful!

Kek said...

Stormy, I only just figured out that "everybody else" doesn't have their whole house perfectly furnished and decorated. Of course we all just show photos of a few rooms, or sections of rooms.

My lounge has been our junk/storage room for the whole time we've lived here, but now I'm taking action!