Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A piece of history

Last night I was browsing through the real estate section of the local paper and came across a photo of a house that I knew immediately was by the same builder who constructed our first home. I can pick one of their houses from a mile away - they had a portfolio of about six or seven floorplans and would buy up blocks of land in a street and knock up a row of spec homes.

This one caught my eye and I had to have a squiz online at the photos, because I could see from the teeny pic in the paper, that they had the same kitchen colour scheme we originally had. The layout is different, but the colour, materials and quality are exactly what we endured for about 14 years before we ripped the whole thing out and had a new kitchen installed:

What do you think? Classy, eh? No overhead cupboards (I was so jealous of our neighbour who had the cupboard above the oven like this one; we had nothing but plaster....), no rangehood, and the colours! Those cheap plastic grip thingies on the cupboards (which were solid chipboard inside; nice!), the stylish brown plastic tap handles, and those TILES. I can't believe this house still has the original oven....

Oh, you should have seen the bathroom. Wait, I'll show you:

We didn't have anything as flash as this - no cupboard under our basin, just air, and no vanity top extending over the bath. (Again, I was jealous of the neighbour who had this house).

I'd somehow forgotten how bad it was, since we renovated kitchen and bathroom back in 2001. But looking at these photos, I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry....

The hilarious thing is, this house is advertised as "renovated". Apart from the floor tiles in the living rooms, which look to be c. 1990, and the addition of evaporative cooling, I can't see a single sign of renovation here. Unless that's now real estate speak for "had a paint job in the last five years".


kexkez said...

My goodness. it's funny how our tastes change isn't it. Even thinking about "apricot" now I cringe. but it was such a fashion colour for houses in the late 80's and early 90's. In some ways we've done ourselves a disservice putting in our kitchen the way we did. it is a bit 90's with the capping rather than the open bench that is so popular now. Still I like the feel. Is your kitchen completely different in your new house? Not just colours but style?

renovated.. hmm does the agent think people will be fooled into thinking that style has come back again? anything to get the buyers in I guess.

Vundaful said...

HEHEHEHE thanks for sharing Kek - these pictures certainly are cringeworthy by modern standards. Diggin' the orange benchtop!

Please tell me that we won't be doing the same thing to our houses in 10 years, or at least giving them a bit of a reno xD

Kek said...

LOL - taste had nothing to do with it. The builder just bought up land and built THIS house with THAT colour scheme, and the buyer got no say in it. I always thought the quality was cheap, but the colours didn't bother me much at the time. I thought that house was a palace, since it had TWO bathrooms!