Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quick update

We got the landscaping quotes back and didn't QUITE faint at the price. It's more than we want to spend, but not by a huge amount, thank goodness.

Since we took the "let's include everything we want" approach, we now have some room to pare a few things back and hopefully still end up with a design we like with all necessary inclusions at a price we're happy with. Then we'll be content to spend the next twelve months or so gradually adding the extras.


I finally got my flyscreen on the sliding door in the studio too. I'm keen to see if the air con works better in here with a door open. Last summer was unbearable in this west-facing room, even with the evap cooling on full and the blockout blinds closed. Let's hope it's just an airflow issue; the rest of the house is great.

We'll no doubt find out soon. I'm sure there's more heat in store.


eBay is my current obsession. I'm madly selling stuff we no longer need and also picking up some bargain secondhand textbooks for the kids. I refuse to buy another $70 book that can't be passed on to a younger brother because the school changes the required text. Grr!!

I'm trawling through the house looking for anything that might be sellable.... the kids better not stand still for too long.


I bought a new Christmas tree this year (one that doesn't look ridiculous with our high ceilings), and it's up - yay! I'll post a photo when I have more presents under it.... it looks kind of bare at the moment.

I picked these up at Target today though, very blingy!


Sue said...

What are you selling on Ebay Kek, maybe it might be something I;m interested in. Drop me a line with your user name or email used for Ebay. I;m alos selling but mainly clothes that would be waaaaaaayyyy to big on you ;)

Toni said...

Lovely bling Kek!

So pleased you are loving ebay, I look there first when I need to buy something. Have had alot of parcels arrive lately, lol......Steve used to call my kids ebay orphans cause I was always off to check my watch list. Glad you are having fun with it and making some $$ at the same time.

Can't wait to see your new tree. How big did you go?

Great that the landscaping quote was within budget. Looking forward to hearing/seeing the plans for the area.

Hope you had a great day yesterday :)